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TSM Checkbook

The TSM Checkbook is a unique promotional item that can serve as a business premium give away and customer reward item or can achieve terrific results when utilized as a non profit fundraising item.

The TSM Checkbook is generally comprised of offers from 20 or more local businesses.  Each checkbook looks just like a regular checkbook with a vinyl cover, however inside each check represents a dollar discount savings used under the terms on the check.  Each participating checkbook sponsor selects the discount offer and terms.

Customers of participating checkbook sponsors easily redeem the offers by signing the check and paying any additional balance by cash, regular check or credit card.  (Each check offer has an expiration date)

The TSM Checkbook program is designed to work as a premium for:

Sports Teams – A Game Day give away and/or season ticket/suite holders.

Casino Card Reward Program – Presented to top Casino Card Club Members – The Checkbook can serve as a Card Club Reward Program – The checkbook would contain special offers from the Casino plus exciting check offers from other local area merchants and services.

Broadcast Industry – Radio and TV stations utilize the checkbook by packaging it with various station inventory to create one package that will provide participating advertisers with Guaranteed results.

The Community Checkbook – Is designed to raise large sums of money for local non profits – Little League, Soccer league, churches, schools and so forth.  The program will also stimulate revenue for local businesses who participate in the program by providing a check offer in the program.

Other Uses for the TSM Checkbook – The Checkbook may also be used to increase traffic in local malls, serve as a customer reward program for local banks and credit unions, a Real Estate premium for people visiting open houses, a customer reward for those taking test drives or utilizing the service departments at Auto Dealerships, be utilized as a major fund raising vehicle for any Major Charitable Organization.

To find out how a TSM Checkbook program can help with the success of your business or non profit organization contact TSM Advertising contact TSM Advertising – 619-890-4222.

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