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Broadcast Spot Advertising

TSM Advertising offers over three decades of experience in the broadcast advertising and sports marketing business. (Currently purchasing media in over 35 markets in the US)  TSM principals have helped HUNDREDS of businesses succeed through –

  • Expert Media Placement
  • Sponsor/client promotional tie-ins
  • “Cause” related advertising/promotions and Event “Grass Roots” marketing.

TSM principals have spent many years working on both the broadcast and team side of sports sponsorship marketing.  TSM has developed hundreds of Sports Partnership Affiliations each tailored to precisely meet the specific needs of the client.

While TSM Advertising specializes in broadcast and sports advertising and sponsorships, we offer much more than the typical media buying advertising agency.  We help to develop internal and external programs to get more mileage from our clients advertising budget.

TSM also offers logo and graphic design expertise, and a complete in-house Specialty Advertising and Branding Merchandise division.

TSM Advertising utilizes techniques that are proven to put your advertising dollars toward programs that WILL DELIVER increased profits and help your company reach its goals and objectives.